What the Fourth Industrial Revolution means for India

03 OCT 2017

For India, the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings tremendous opportunities to leapfrog many stages of development'... read more

Who should run
India's cities?

07 DEC 2015

Does the war against corruption lack integrity? Are we transparent about our intentions to be honest?... read more

How can India stem the flow of illicit funds?

In the end just under $600 million was declared. When the Indian ministry of finance launched a three-month window... read more

Corruption is a first world problem, too

After years of debate and effort, the fight against corruption is beginning to overcome its perception problem. This is that rich countries are honest and poor ones are not... read more

How can India attract more tourists?

What do toilets have to do with tourism? For the more than 7 million travellers who come to India each year, this is an important question... read more

Can Modi reboot business in India?

How much of democracy is too much? As India's growth almost halved from 2009 to less than 5% in 2013-2014, exasperated citizens were seriously questioning democracy itself... read more

How can we put an ATM in every Indian village?

Smack in the middle of national elections whose results will decide the economic revival of India, its central bank took a simple yet dramatic decision to grant new bank licences this month.... read more

What's at stake in India's elections?

As India prepares for national elections in a few weeks, the key political issues are crony capitalism, falling economic growth, rising unemployment, lack of basic facilities and poor governance. And that is the good news.... read more

What we can learn from India's war on corruption?

Does the war against corruption lack integrity? Are we transparent about our intentions to be honest?... read more

Will India's super wealthy embrace philanthropy?

Late last year, the former chief executive officer of IT company Infosys Technologies, Nandan Nilekani, and his wife Rohini, decided to donate over $8 million of their personal wealth to an economic research institution... read more

Fighting business corruption in India

Even as the Indian government is changing laws to improve transparency in rules, the business world must also name and shame peers who aggressively encourage corruption... read more

Laying down the law on corruption in India

Last month the government of India finalized an important law that aims to add another weapon in its fight against corruption. The proposed law says that any foreign national who gives or takes bribes with Indian officials will be liable for prosecution... read more

Capitalism 2018

How will capitalism be perceived in 5 years' time? Pranjal Sharma is a Consulting Editor for Business World. He is also a Member of the Network of Global Agenda Councils... read more

Does the I in BRIC need saving?

India has been the I that has held the BRIC together. Phonetically, it is the only vowel in the abbreviation that represents the growing importance of emerging economies... read more

What if young people in India and Pakistan increasingly fall prey to extremists?

Pranjal Sharma warns that unemployed people with nothing to lose could become potent weapons in the hands of extremists. The interview is part of the Risk Response Network’s “What if?” series... read more

India and Pakistan: forging new relationships on the catwalks of New Delhi

The models on the catwalk were gracefully draped in colourful garments crafted from richly textured fabrics. They dazzled the appreciative audience with innovative new apparel and jewellery that brought a modern touch to traditional designs... read more

How to encourage India-Pakistan trade

Every evening before sunset, with great pomp and nationalism, Indian and Pakistani guards participate in a flag-lowering ceremony at Wagah border, about 400 km north-west of New Delhi... read more