India At Davos, Business
World At Davos

09 MAR 2018

In contrast India appears more stable, teady and secure economy for most investors. Mr Modi's timing to participate in Davos... read more

India Delivers Promises
At Davos

09 MAR 2018

After years of being considered a sputtering economy, the aggressive marketing led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has added wind... read more

Growing With New Skills

WEF and global tech cos prepare for an expanding technology market in countries like India... read more

Who Is In Charge Of The World?

As the US falters in global leadership, China and Russia scramble to take charge. Between the three, none is in control right now. For the moment the world seems to be on auto-pilot... read more

Politics Of Policy | Needed, An India Tourism Board

India's fragmented tourism sector needs a unified body to improve the country's reputation as an experiential destination... read more

Politics Of Policy | Globalisation Is Killing Globalisation

At World Economic Forum's annual summit in Davos, it was evident that business and political leaders will have to scramble to save globalisation from itself... read more

Politics Of Policy | Competitive But Jobless

As India climbs on World Economic Forum's competitiveness ranking, it must focus on the growing crisis in unemployment... read more

United Africa, Crumbling Europe

The recent launch of an African Passport can unite the continent and boost its growth at a time the rest of the world is getting messier... read more

Politics Of Policy | Salsa With Latin America

Venezuela and Brazil crises are dominating headlines, but reforms in countries like Colombia and Cuba are infusing improved positivity about Latin America... read more

Politics Of Policy | Choose Your Growth

As the world debates growth, countries are realizing that everyone has to follow a different path. A monochromatic view on growth makes it ugly for everyone... read more

Politics Of Policy | Saving Markets From Marketmen

Indian markets remain stunted because some players are exploiting exchanges for money laundering and tax evasion... read more

Politics Of Policy | Cleaning Sports Globally

After the FIFA scandal, a new global initiative promises to clean up sports. Emerging markets like India and China will be impacted too... read more

Politics Of Policy | Default In Markets

The alignment between Finance Ministry, RBI and SEBI on willful default means that crooked brokers in the markets will face tough action by regulators...
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Politics Of Policy | A Demand For Demand

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is banking on growth but there is not a lot of optimism about reviving consumer demand...
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Politics Of Policy | An Effort For Efficiency

Forget the debate on passenger fares. Minister Suresh Prabhu is trying to transform Indian Railways into an efficient, effective and exciting organisation...
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Politics Of Policy | Rein In The Gunslingers

The efficient effort on Make in India is being undermined by arbitrary decisions by government that threatens the autonomy of private enterprises...
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Harnessing A Revolution

Humans will have to think faster than machines to efficiently harness the fourth industrial revolution that's already upon us...
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Davos Diary | Ready For A New World?

Of the revolutions that the world will experience, some will be sharp, some short and some deep. Some revolutions will begin this year, some will peter out and some will gain momentum... ...
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Politics Of Policy | For Passion, Not Profit

Innovation and enterprise in India is being led by the young and the daring. As large organizations struggle to transform, young entrepreneurs will lead the way in being smart and responsible...
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Politics Of Policy | Creating Credit Worthiness

Bringing 800 million Indians in the financial mainstream should not be just about bank accounts, it has to be about creating credit worthy borrowers... read more

Politics Of Policy | Free, Fair, Fame, Defame

As it grows at an even rapid pace, social media must encourage competition and discourage abuse of its platforms. A tale of two incidents, says Pranjal Sharma... read more

Proudly Small

Size and questions around it infuse most aspects of our lives. Is the company large? Is the paycheck small? Is the airplane seat spacious? Is the personality large?... read more

Why Manmohan Singh Is Guilty

Forget the names and consider this situation. A committee in the coal ministry decides to allocate blocks to a couple of state-run companies. Meanwhile, a prominent private industrial group... read more

Fixing The Foundation

In both the budgets announced by the NDA government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the key theme appears to be of fixing the foundations of the economy... read more

Not Just A Club Of Rich

The Annual Summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos is often pilloried for being a club of the super rich who don’t care about the rest. The rich and powerful meet to network, renew... read more

Davos Diary: Gearing Up Against Graft

The anti corruption activity of WEF continues to grow stronger. The Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) of WEF is expanding the list of global CEOs who... read more