India partnering with Israel to adopt digital, AI solutions in healthcare

3 MAR 2019

India already uses Israeli prowess in the fields of defence and... read more

Virtual advice for real finances

20 MAR 2019

Physical advisors have been receiving tough competition from algorithm-based investment counselling and robo-advisories... read more

Smart supplies for forces

Logistics management for the Army is focused mostly on inventory tracking, procurement and resource management ... read more

Mechatronics moves the world

Domestic manufacturing of smart machines in India can't grow without a big shift away from traditional engineering to merged disciplines like mechatronics ...read more

Small sats, smart analytics

Small satellites with focused capabilities are offering data insights for commercial use ...read more

Cyber security at Davos

WEF's C4C plans to trigger cooperation and collaboration across the world in a way that hasn't happened in history ...read more

2019 might see the beginning of a new era of regulatory technology

Assessing anti-competition practices, tracking online consumer rights and predatory behaviour can't be done without smart tech ...read more

Support domestic hardware for sensitive tech

The recent drone scare at Gatwick airport has exposed the lack of preparedness against drones... read more

Immersive project management gains traction

KPMG's Enrich Survey 2018 indicates that power and utility companies are increasingly adopting digital- and sensor-based technologies for various objectives... read more

Unmanned and under water

In future, wreckage of crashes in vast oceans can be found with greater efficiency using water bots... read more

World Economic Forum to use drones to enhance info on agriculture in India

Apart from drones, the approach for projects in AI and blockchain is also on building new ecosystems... read more

28 years after creating the web, Berners Lee unveils plan to save it

A set of principles have been prepared to guide the future of the web. These principles include ensuring that governments allow everyone to connect and have privacy... read more

Intelligent meters are powering change

IoT-based smart meters can be activated or deactivated remotely, much like a SIM card in a mobile phone... read more

Affordable health care is benefiting from AI

<>CallHealth's experience is proof that India needs a national level electronic medical database... read more

Future of jobs with robotic process automation

While industrial automation will impact the blue-collar workers, white- collar workers will face the results of increased use of RPA ... read more

Why ATM, when you can crypto!

The Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) data shows that the number of ATMs in 2017-18 was 2,22,066, marginally less than the previous year ... read more

UAVs can map better town planning

While it is early days, municipalities, utilities and other bodies are warming up to the importance of aerial mapping and data generation... read more

Global trade tech helping efficiency and security

The gross merchandise value of cross-border e-com to grow close to $1 trillion by 2020, from $300 bn in 2015, according to UNCTAD estimates ...read more

How blockchain can protect India's data

The biggest challenge in using blockchain for data protection is the data itself. Once stored in a blockchain platform the data can't be tampered with ...read more

Disaster management and tech: What India can learn from the Thai rescue

The drones were able to identify and shortlist entry points in hours instead of days. With heavy rain forecast, the use of drones accelerated the rescue... read more

Face recognition: This new tech could transform identifying missing kids

The best results have been demonstrated by the national TrackChild portal run by the Ministry of Women and Child Development... read more

Ministry of AI?

Without our realisation, basic AI is already managing our personal and work lives through emails, work processes and even entertainment... read more

An ERP for Bharat

Economic turnaround in the time of tech-led disruption can't occur without the participation of SMEs that contribute 40% to India's GDP... read more

Robotic soldiers march on

For many countries, a robotic soldier is the ideal weapon. Attacking the enemy from a remote location or some distance offers advantages of reduced body count...
read more

Facing the bot recruiter

The video interview software industry is a category by itself with estimated 100 companies offering varying categories of solutions...
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